Website Hosting Services

When you choose Tip-Top Media Co. as your trusted website design partner, you have a range of customisable choices surrounding website and server hosting. Our team will assist you in deciding which hosting service is a best fit for your platform based on your traffic and data usage.

No matter how big or small your website is, we will collaborate with you to find the most profitable (for you) solution. 

Many companies will know the exact kind of content or website a customer requires, web hosting can be a difficult decision to make. Luckily our team have all the experience required to help assist you with that decision.

We have options ranging from shared hosting to dedicated servers.

Host your website with us…

At Tip-Top Media Co., we don’t just build your website. We will ensure it is hosted with one of the best providers in the industy to ensure that your websites home is always up to date and running smoothly.

We base your plan on how much traffic and data is passed through your site so you are never over paying for a service your website doesn’t need.

Top Partners

We focus with our partners to ensure your website is fast but also secure.

Unrivaled Infrastructure

We work with the best in the business to ensure you never need to worry about downtime.


Our team have a wealth of experience to ensure the best solution for our clients.

Set Prices

All customers recieve the same price for the same service.

Always Caring

It’s unlikley you will find a problem with our hosting but if you do we are just an email away 24/7.

Continuing to Develop

Along with our partners we are always looking into the latest methods to sure you have the best service on the market. 


We have an impeccable reliability record in the world of web hosting. If you are looking to remain online at all times, let’s have a chat and discuss your needs.