Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid social media management is an excellent choice if you are looking to reach out to your target audience. When done properly with well managed, expert ad designs, your campaigns have all the ingredients to produce fantastic ROI.

Our Services

As an experienced Paid Social Media Marketing agency, Tip-Top Media Co. help you to leverage PSMM to your advantage. We have handled PSMM campaigns on all major platforms including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok for long enough to understand the little details that make them really effective. Prepared with clearly outlined and bespoke strategies for each client, we create campaigns that deliver results whilst giving you complete control over the spending. These services are nationwide, for all business across the UK. 

Formulating Paid Social Media Marketing strategies

Exceptional campaign execution

Copywriting for Ads

Paid Social Media Marketing Optimisation

Regular tracking and results analysis


Our Paid Social Media Marketing Philosophy

If you have used paid social media marketing in the past without seeing effective results, you are not alone.

We can run an audit to find out why the campaign didn’t deliver results. The team at Tip-Top Media Co. come up with effective campaigns that simply DELIVER. Our paid social media marketing services is comprehensive. We help your business get in front of your ideal customer on the platforms that they use the most.

Paid social media marketing campaigns are one of the quickest ways to get you tangible results. However, if not managed well, you could end up sinking a lot of your hard earned money without seeing a return. As an expert agency, we ensure you get the highest returns on your investment.

Tip-Top’s Approach To Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid social media marketing is an excellent marketing tactic to increase conversions and improve your ROI, our team have the expertise and experience to manage these campaigns for businesses of all sizes. Tip-Top Media Co. understands that at the end of the day, this type of marketing must have a direct and clear impact on your sales . Using our years of experience is used to create a strategy that helps you reach your goals. We treat your business as if it was our own, we want you to be successful!

Detailed Strategy

We will develop a strategy that extracts the maximum from all of your available assets, USP’s and circumstances.

Getting Creative

Our expert design team will generate algorithm loving creatives, copy and CTA’s to ensure that your campaigns ads rank competitively. 

Managed Campaigns

From long-term brand building to quick-fire lead generation campaigns, we’ve been there before and we keep the process as simple as possible to deliver what matters most, results. 

Professional Setup

We will work with you to set up a new ad account or review your exsiting account and gain control that way. 

Frequent Catch Ups

We know that business is constantly evolving, that is why we will check in with you frequently to ensure your campains are up to date and current.

Concise Reporting

Paid social media marketing ads need to be constantly monitored, optimised and have reports measuring success. We report back every step of the way .

I’ve had multiple leads come through via the paid ads which is brilliant to see. I’ve already sold to two of them and very nearly a third and they are all different specs and sizes. It’s really exciting getting a new lead through the door and taking it from a name and number to a completed project!”

Rupert Tozer

Director, Rupert Tozer Furniture & Design Consultancy

“When I came across Tip-Top, all the boxes were ticked – you make our life easier and we are getting new customers.

We discuss what we want to achieve, and then we achieve it. We have the confidence that you care and you will do the work properly.”

Christophe Grosjean

Co-Ceo, Redpalm Technology


We specialise in driving revenue using paid social marketing platforms Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin. If you are looking to scale, let’s have a chat and discuss your goals.